Food additives

L-Proline 147-85-3 Nutritional supplements. A flavoring agent. The amino-carbonyl reaction occurs when it is co-heated with sugar to form a special aroma.
Methyl cyclopentenolone 80-71-7 It is a broad-spectrum food flavoring agent with a nut-like and walnut-flavored aroma. It can be used to prepare flavors and has a flavor-enhancing effect.
Phosphoric acid 7664-38-2 It can be used as a nutrient for sour agent and yeast.It can be used as a sour agent for seasonings, canned foods, and refreshing drinks.
Phycocyanin Phycocyanin (also known as phycocyanin, spirulina extract) is a natural, water-soluble, non-toxic food pigment extracted and processed from Spirulina platensis.
Titanium dioxide 13463-67-7 It can be used as food coloring agent, edible white pigment; compatibilizer, According to China's regulations, it can be used for preserved fruit, candy coating, puffed food, fried food, jelly, etc.
Unsaturated fatty acid The role of unsaturated fatty acids is to regulate blood lipids, clear blood clots, immune regulation, maintain the retina to improve vision, brain and brain, improve arthritis symptoms and relieve pa
Xanthan gum 11138-66-2 It can be used as an emulsion stabilizer and thickener to enhance and improve the stability, concentration and density of sauces, sauces, canned puddings, frozen foamed milk, etc.
Xanthophyll 127-40-2 Xanthophyll has the characteristics of “natural”, “nutritional” and “multi-functional” and can be widely used in food, health care products, cosmetics, medicine and feed additives.
Calcium citrate 7693-13-2 Calcium citrate is a calcium salt derived from citric acid, a nutritional supplement for preventing and treating calcium deficiency, promoting tooth and bone health, and helping to lose weight.
Calcium L-lactate 28305-25-1 Calcium L-lactic is an important organic acid salt which can be used as a nutritional supplement, a buffer, a dough conditioner, a curing agent and the like. Widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceuti
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